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Residential and Respite Services

Residential and Respite Services

Our hallmark residential and respite services provide an impeccable experience not only to the individuals served, but also to their families and friends. The nurturing environment at Josina Lott Residential & Community Services is complemented by the beautiful facilities, creating a sense of security and cultivating positive growth for residents and short term guests. By forming strong peer relationships, our clients gain a sense of autonomy and freedom that fosters confidence and hope for unlimited possibilities.


Residents enjoy daily schedules including relationship building, goal-oriented tasks and sustainable skills that provide a sense of accomplishment and independence. Our calendar is chock-full of games, activities and special events our residents and community service participants look forward to each month.


Our respite services provide options for families who are considering residential living and would like to test the waters, or need a temporary place for their loved one due to personal reasons such as a vacation, hospital stay or just some relaxation from the stresses of life.


In order to qualify for our base facility, individuals must be 18-years-of-age and diagnosed with a developmental disability prior to their 18th birthday.


If you are interested in learning more about our residential and/or respite services, please feel free to contact us at (419) 866-9013.